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Friday, July 16, 2010

Waiting for Prince Charming

People have been talking about him for generations. Fairytales have attempted to portray him for hundreds of years. Girls have assigned their own ideals to the name for as long as it has existed. So who is Prince Charming, anyway?

I'm sure we all have our own ideas concerning this matter. When I was little, I was convinced that Prince Charming could only be the dashing Prince Phillip from Disney's cartoon Sleeping Beauty. After all, I reasoned, anyone who rode a horse, wore a red cape and hat, and could sing "Once Upon a Dream" so enchantingly must be the real Prince Charming. Not to mention his courage in defeating the evil dragon to rescue his princess. 
Then, I fell in love with Gilbert Blythe from the Anne of Green Gables movies and books. His kind heart, noble ambition to become a doctor, and dedication to hard work and study proclaimed him, in my eyes, to be the unmistakable true Prince Charming.

After reading the Emily of New Moon series, I was captivated by Teddy Kent. Handsome, an artist, a deep thinker, romantic, and faithful, Teddy was Prince Charming defined. Surely here, I had finally found him.
Then I was introduced to the romantic heroes of Jane Austen literature and movies. How could I help but believe Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice to be Prince Charming? He was intelligent, mysterious, mature, and never anything but the perfect gentleman. All characteristics in his favor. And there was, of course, Mr. Knightley of Emma, who was witty, caring, gallant, and optimistic (most of the time).

But one day, as I pondered the characteristics I believed necessary to deem a man "Prince Charming", I was struck with a thought that had never entered my mind before. Jesus Christ possessed all of the truly important characteristics, such as nobility, courage, honor, wisdom, a vision, a caring heart, a hard-working nature, faithfulness, and love for family as well as others--all others. Then I realized that not only did He possess all of these characteristics and more, but He also created them. Every day, when I dutifully read a chapter of the Bible and a paragraph-long inspirational thought and prayed a half-hearted prayer, I was in the presence of the true Prince Charming, and all I could do was think about other things--unimportant, trivial things. In treating my Savior in such a way, I was telling Him that I didn't care that He had conquered sin (slain the wicked dragon), redeemed me from my sins (rescued His princess from the evil that held her captive), or given His life for me (portrayed the most powerful proof of love). And I was telling Him that I didn't want to spend time with Him (live happily ever after).
Now, I am overwhelmingly grateful to my Heavenly Prince, for He has given me a second chance. He has filled me with joy, and I delight in spending time with Him. I am thankful for His unconditional love and undying faithfulness. Now, I love Him, truly love Him. Some days, I am faced with my selfish feelings, telling me that it doesn't matter if I skip spending time with Him just this once. Those are the times I remind myself of what my King has done for me, of what He longs to do in me,  and of how peaceful and fulfilling it is to be in His presence, and I am ashamed of my own selfish desires.
Have you discovered your Prince Charming yet? I admit, I still love all of the fictional characters that I once believed to be Prince Charming, and I probably always will. But now I know that the real Prince Charming has been by my side all along, even before I came into this world (Jer. 1:5).
Jesus Christ is not only my Prince Charming. He longs for everyone to experience His forgiveness and love. Yes, that's right--He longs to be your Prince Charming...
Someday, I hope to meet an earthly "prince", though he may not be titled as such. I long to meet the special man my Redeemer has chosen for me. But until He brings us together, I have determined to entrust my heart to no other man but my Heavenly Father. I have chosen to wait for that man and to pray for him every day, that our Savior would bless, protect, and guide him.
 "A woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man needs to seek Him in order to find her." ~Maya Angelou
When we give away our hearts prematurely, we are telling our Heavenly Prince that we don't trust Him enough to allow Him to hold our hearts, and that our earthly prince is not worth the wait.
If you long to be protected, cherished, and completely content, place your heart in Jesus' hands. He will treasure it forever. May we treasure Him with all of our hearts!

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