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Saturday, August 22, 2015

5 Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Writing is a wonderful exercise for children (and indeed, adults). It builds valuable skills such as thinking, reasoning, researching, spelling, handwriting, and expanding vocabulary. Plus, the essays and stories they come up with make special, fun keepsakes for their parents and for the children's own families someday. Try a few creative writing prompts to get kids writing! Consider letting them illustrate their compositions. It adds a whole new level of fun.

1. It is wintertime on the prairie during the days of the pioneers. You and your family live in a little log cabin, and you are snowed in. What do you do to pass the long hours? 

2. You have found a way to travel back in time. What time period would you choose to visit? Why? Who would you like to meet during your visit?

3. You live in a small farming town during the Great Depression. What do you do to help your family during these difficult times? Is there a special talent or desire God has given you that you would use?

4. You and your family visit the zoo. Your mom or dad says that you can choose one animal to take home with you to be your pet! Which animal would you choose, and why? What would you name him/her?

5. Your parents have asked you to come up with a new Christmastime tradition for your family to start. What tradition do you invent? Why?

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