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Thursday, April 30, 2015

$5.99 Goodwill Trunk Re-do

All you need is a little creativity, vision, and determination. Plus some paint. This Goodwill find gave me hours of fun last summer. 

I used:
  • Deep red paint (sample size jar from Lowe's) Mine was free with a promotional coupon, but at any given time you can buy this size for $3
  • Painter's tape
  • Sturdy paintbrush
  • Wood/furniture stain
  • Plastic tarp underneath (to keep paint off the living room floor)
All you need to do for a project like this is:
  • Be sure your item is on plastic or cardboard before you begin painting.
  • Tape off areas you don't want painted (For me, that was the metal edging and the clasp and locks).
  • Brush on several coats of your desired paint color. Be thorough and neat. Wait for each layer to dry before you add the next.
  • After the last coat is dry, remove the painter's tape carefully and use a small brush to fill in any details you missed.
  • When all is dry, rub on a thin layer of furniture stain (This gives it a richer color and a rustic appearance). You can use a paintbrush or a cloth for this. I recommend a cloth, but be sure it is one you wish to retire for crafty projects. The stain will never come out of it!
  • You may have to add another layer of stain to achieve your desired look. 
  • Finally, if you want to make a trunk into a coffee table like I did, measure the length and width of it across the top and have a piece of plexiglass cut to fit it (I did this at Lowe's). You can even add industrial wheels or legs to the trunk--a final step I plan to do but have not gotten around to yet.
  • Last tip: To make the project more fun, I did it in the living room while my mom did her own painting project beside me. We watched black-and-white movies and episodes of Father Knows Best and stayed up way too late. Doing projects with your loved ones and/or while watching or listening to something makes them all the more fun and memorable!
  • Okay, seriously the last tip: If you have long hair, please put it all up while you paint. I learned this the hard way. Yes, I dragged my long ponytail through red paint. Yikes. Thankfully, it washed right out--with several handfuls of shampoo. . . ;)


Heather Holland said...

So cute! I've seen trunks in stores for 50 dollars and more!

Emily said...

Thanks, Heather! ;)