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Monday, June 11, 2012

Season of Bliss

It is a season of bliss. Of Shirley Temple movies I haven't seen in years (My favorite steadfastly remains Captain January). Of pink lemonade and salty corn on the cob and juicy watermelon, good down to the rind. Of bare feet that detest the restriction of shoes and socks. Of fishing in Great-Uncle Glenn's pond with an exceptional friend willing to handle the worms. Of spontaneous picnics on the lawn. Of car windows rolled down to let in some fresh country air, a welcome relief from the car with long-broken air conditioner. Of fireflies at dusk and bumblebees bathing in sunshine. Of sweet iced tea on hot afternoons. Of Andrew Peterson and Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble and the Irish lads (Celtic Thunder and The High Kings) serenading during chore-time. Of scrapbooking and creating and diving in over my head organizing everything in the house.

Of rereading favorite novels such as Fireflies in December, Cottonwood Whispers, Catching Moondrops (by Jennifer Erin Valent), and Little Women (by Louisa May Alcott). Of blowing bubbles with nieces and nephews and watching the tiny rainbows pop one by one. Of jotting down unorganized ideas for future reference in writing a novel. Of popsicles and sticky hands. Of dirt and sweat and long, hot baths to relax and refresh. Of windows wide open and birdsong drifting in. Of library visits and arms filled with rented books and movies. Of Duggar-family and Avonlea marathons. Of white, fluffy skirts and no bothersome sweaters. Of memorizing the Beatitudes and studying favorite Psalms. Of late nights trapped in a spellbinding book. Of playing the piano with no time restrictions, just playing to the heart's content. Of sketching when a rare feeling of patience settles in (something sketching requires much of!). Of tearing apart rooms and repainting, reflooring, and redecorating. Of watching Emma and Pride and Prejudice with Mom and Bonanza and The Rifleman with Dad. Of smiling and soaking in all the memories. Of praising HIM even in the storms. Of Anne of Green Gables and Swiss Family Robinson with the kids of the family. Of summertime and all of its splendor.

There is nothing quite like summertime. It is golden and promising and memorable, and it is HERE! A gift of grace from our God. Seize the moment :)


Jennifer Valent said...

Emily, you have expertly painted the beauty and simplicity of summer with words. I see you and Jessilyn (and I!) have much in common!

So glad you've enjoyed the books again and that they get to be part of your cherished summer!

Emily said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement! Yes, we do have a lot in common :) They are splendid books, definitely my favorite Christian fiction books ever :) I cannot wait for your next books!!! :)

Jessica said...

It sounds like you have been having a pretty delightful summer. :) You're remodeling? Where and in what style?

Emily said...

In the kitchen!! We're trying the more cottage/ streamlined country farmhouse look :)Light colors and shabby furniture :) All on a tight budget, of course! That's half the fun :)