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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmastime is Here

I have just made a remarkable discovery--December is upon us! How did I happen upon such valuable information, you may ask? Simple--I walked into the living room to find Bing Crosby's familiar rendition of "White Christmas" flowing from the CD player, the scent of slice-and-bake reindeer cookies simmering in the oven, and a disorganized stack of Christmas boxes resting in the floor, waiting to be unpacked. All of which led me to the conclusion that the Christmas season rapidly aproaches. Of course, upon this discovery, I immediately decided to plunge right into the spirit of things... Last night, little McKenzie experienced her first viewing of Mickey's Christmas Carol, one of my personal favorites:) Mom and I have already watched another of our favorite classic Christmas movies, Christmas in Connecticut, and it is my firm belief that one can never listen too often to Michael Buble's Christmas CD, so into the player it went. Dear Michael has faithfully serenaded me through several wintry evenings so far, and I hope that he will for many more to come this Christmastime.
This weekend, April, Ladd, and Jackson (with, of course, their puppy Dixie) surprised us by arriving in the middle of the night! (We were not expecting to see them any time soon!) Last night, we all watched the Christmas episode of Father Knows Best. My mom and dad and I have recently discovered that gem of a show from the 1950s. It has quickly become my new favorite. I absolutely love it!

Father Knows Best

Tonight is to be a night of decorating, arranging, and "Christmasifying" the house. 
Now, Mom is busily working on sewing projects and Daddy just trudged inside after spending most of the day working hard in the yard. The weather reports have mentioned the possibility of snow! We are keeping our hopes up:)
God bless and keep you all tonight...

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