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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre (2006)...a tale of mystery, deceit, passion, secrets, danger, and unfailing love...

Though the movie would have done well to leave out a suggestive scene or two, it was for the most part clean and wholesome. My romantic, literary side was thrilled with the hidden secrets, adventure, and mystery, and the romantic setting, dialogue, characters, and story. After watching the four-hour movie, I quickly seized Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre from my mom's shelf and dove into the tantalizing novel originally published in 1847. No, I have never read it, but I cannot wait to now! I daresay Mr. Rochester, the moody, mysterious, romantic hero of the story, is rapidly making his way to my favorite literary heroes list...

Jane: "Take my trunk on up to Thornfield, won't you?"
Coach driver: "Won't you ride, miss? You've had a very long journey."
Jane: "No, I'm nearly home. It's my favorite walk."

Jane: "They have plenty to discuss, sir. Even the stranger who arrived this morning."
Mr. Rochester: "What stranger?"
Jane: "His name is Mason. I believe he's visiting from overseas." (Mr. Rochester looks distressed) "What is it, sir?"
Mr. Rochester: "Oh, Jane...I wish I were on a desert island somewhere--with only you for company."

Mr. Rochester (to Jane): "That look. No judgment, no pity. That look could pry secrets from the blackest of souls."

Mr. Rochester: "Are you going without saying good night? Jane, you just saved my life. We might at least shake hands. I knew you'd do me good the first time I met you. I knew I wouldn't mind being in your debt."
Jane: "There is no debt, sir. I'm glad I happened to be awake."
Mr. Rochester (chuckling): "She saves me from an inferno, and she's glad she happened to be awake. Still, she tries to go."
Jane: "I am cold, sir."
Mr. Rochester: "Of course. And we agreed you would never be cold again. Well then, if you must leave me, then you must."

Mr. Rochester: "Say that you don't love me. I dare you. You cannot."
Jane: "I will not. I will love you until I die."

Mr. Rochester (after revealing the secrets of his past): "...Until one day--one day, this girl appeared who knew nothing of this. This girl who stands so quiet and grave at the mouth of hell. This girl who is all quietness and sanity and innocence. You wonder why I wanted her? Why I risked the wrath of God to get her?"

Dreaming of dwelling at the mysterious Thornfield Hall,

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