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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kilmeny of the Orchard

Tonight, I am posting my review of L. M. Montgomery's Kilmeny of the Orchard, one of my favorite books. (Kilmeny is pronounced Kil-main'-ee)
Published in 1910, the short novel contains mystery, deceit, a tender love story, and adventure, and it all takes place in a fictional island town called Lindsay. Not only are the characters and plot intriguing, but the author's magical style of writing fascinates me in this story, as in her others I have read, such as the Anne of Green Gables series and the Emily of New Moon trilogy. Every line flows beautifully from the page. Even the titles of each chapter captivated my attention...such titles as "The Thoughts of Youth," "A Letter of Destiny," "A Phantom of Delight," "A Rose of Womanhood," "At the Gate of Eden," "A Lover and his Lass," "A Sweeter Woman Ne'er Drew Breath," and "The Master of Lindsay School," to name a few.

Here is the summary from the back cover of the book:
To the small village of Lindsay on Prince Edward Island comes Eric Marshall, a twenty-four-year-old substitute schoolmaster. Dark and handsome, the son of a wealthy merchant, Eric has a bright future in the family business and has taken the two-month teaching post only as a favor to a friend.
Then fate, which has been more than generous to Eric, throws in his path a beautiful, mysterious girl named Kilmeny Gordon. With jet-black hair and the face of a Renaissance Madonna, Kilmeny immediately captures the young man's heart. But she is mute, cannot speak, and Eric is concerned for and bewitched by this shy, sensitive, blue-eyed girl.
For the first time in his life, Eric must work hard for something he wants badly. And there is nothing he wants more than for Kilmeny to return his love...

I highly recommend this book for all readers. If you enjoy clean, old-fashioned tales of mystery and romance, I am sure you will be as captivated as I was.
And tonight, there is a delightful thunderstorm, perfect for reading a good book in bed, so if you'll excuse me...:)

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