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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nancy Drew

I have always loved Nancy Drew . . . books and movies. From the time I first read The Hidden Staircase, I was captivated. It was then I decided I wanted to be a detective when I grew up. When I was six or seven, my best friend and I had matching magnifying glasses. We wrote down "clues" in a special notebook and began our own detective club. My stuffed dog (named Clue, of course) accompanied us on our "secret missions." Back then, we imagined everything was a mystery...Books had secret notes tucked inside, plants contained hidden cameras, and every door handle must be dusted for fingerprints. I'll never forget the Christmas present I received one year--a toy spy kit, complete with battery-operated walkie-talkies (they only worked if the two using them were basically in the same room, but I thought it was the most exciting thing in the world).

My dreams for the future have changed considerably, but I will always love Nancy Drew, the famous girl detective who inspired me as a little girl.
Some of my favorite movies are the old black-and-white Nancy Drew episodes from the 1930s. There are four, one hour-long episodes; I wish there were more. I have always loved Nancy and Ted, not to mention Nancy's father Carson Drew, who provides a hilarious character. 

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (1939)
Nancy Drew, Troubleshooter (1939)
Nancy Drew, Detective (1938)
Nancy Drew, Reporter (1939)

Hidden Staircase
Nancy: "Dad! Ted's in jail again! Come on!"

Nancy (surprised): "Why...Dad!"
Dad: "Next time you want to get me out of town by sending me a fake telegram, be sure the heading doesn't read River Heights."

Nancy: "Ted, why did you have to have a sister?"
Ted: "Ask Ma!"

Nancy: "A reporter has the right to do things an ordinary person shouldn't."

Nancy: "Ted, you stay here in case any one comes out of the house."
Ted: "And if they do come, what do you expect me to do about it?"
Nancy: "I don't know--stop them."
Ted (sarcastically): "Yeah, I'll surround them."

The newer Nancy Drew movie (2007),  starring Emma Roberts, is a very enjoyable one, as well. It is witty, suspenseful, and all the loose ends are tied up nicely at the conclusion (I can't stand abrupt endings that leave things unsolved). However, the old Nancy Drew episodes still remain my favorite:)

Nancy Drew (2007)

Nancy: "Dad, don't you think that people who talk on cell phones miss things?"
Mr. Drew: "Like what?"
Nancy: "That woman in the road!"

Nancy: "Ned, don't worry about that guy from Smallville. He's not my type."
Ned: "You have a type?"

Nancy: "The house has a haunted theme, like a theme park...That's so fun, right, Dad?"
Mr. Drew: "No."

Nancy: "I'm letting the professionals handle this one. I'm on the phone with the LAPD."
Mr. Drew: "Ah...calling the police to solve a crime! I like that!"

Nancy: "Do you believe in ghosts, Mr. Leshing?"
Mr. Leshing: "I am a ghost."


Rebecca said...

I've never seen the movies, but I was on a old Nancy Drew series craze at age 10. Very good books. I REALLY like your blog! It's so different from other ones. :D

emily elizabeth said...

Thanks:D I'm glad you like my blog! The old Nancy Drew movies are sooo good! You can find them pretty inexpensively online usually, if you want to check them out! :)

Rebecca said...

Might have to. :D