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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Coming Soon!

The Tansy Patch is in for some exciting changes! As of May, 2015, a regular rotation of topics will begin.

Monday: The Weekly Review. A book, movie, or TV show review. We'll focus especially on classic works that bring the best of the past into today.

Tuesday: The Art of Womanhood. Aid for recovering the lost art of real womanhood, one post at a time. We'll talk about real beauty, fashion, modesty, old-fashioned elegance, womanly courage, determination, and more.

Thursday: Heart Treasures. A devotion applicable to everyday living. We'll cover the real issues that plague us every day.

Friday: Feel Better Friday. A helpful post pertaining to healthful eating, natural living, exercise, and in general feeling better. We'll talk fitness, health, thrifty tips for going all-natural, and tasty recipes that won't ruin your health kick.

Can't wait to see you then!


Tarissa said...

The new schedule sounds delightful! I'm excited myself about what you'll be sharing.

Emily said...

Thank you, Tarissa! :)