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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Liebster Award

It is high time, if you ask me, for a purely fun post. Thank you, Madison at A Wanderer's Journey, for nominating me for the Liebster blog award! Do you know that is the first blog award nomination I have ever received? I am thrilled to complete this fun post and to nominate some other inspiring blogs for the same special award. 

Liebster, a charming word with German origins, means such beautiful things as "dearest, sweetest,  lovely, pleasant, valued, endearing, and welcome." What an honor to be bestowed upon The Tansy Patch.

Even purely fun posts must follow proper rules. The rules of the Liebster award are as follows: I, the honored nominee, must list eleven facts about myself, then answer eleven questions posed to me by Madison, the nominator. In turn, I present eleven original questions to nine bloggers of my choice who have fewer than 200 followers (these will be the ones I nominate for the Liebster award). I will share a link to these nine blogs at the end of this post, and they will, I hope, do the same on their own respective blogs. I must also let these nominees know that they have been selected for the Liebster award. In addition, I must share a link to the blog of the one who nominated me, which I did in the beginning :)

Time for the fun part!

About me:

1. I have a whole collection of paint-stained cups and mugs from my crafty projects (not to mention drawers and boxes filled with snippets of paper and ribbon, stickers, stamps, fabric, sketchbooks, crayons, markers, and more).

2. Sometimes I write on my to-do list something I’ve already finished, simply to experience the pleasure of marking it off.

3. I named my computer Gilligan and our piano Rochester (Think Gilligan's Island and Jane Eyre).

4. My favorite snack is chocolate milk and cheddar goldfish crackers. Yes, together. No, not mixed.

5. I am absolutely, undoubtedly stuck in the past. I adore television shows, movies, radio programs, music, magazines, photographs, sheet music, clothes, and stories from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. 

6. I carry at least one book with me everywhere I go (usually a stack or two on overnight trips).

7. I love t-shirts that commemorate events/memories. Especially free ones.

8. I sing loudly in the shower. Usually happy songs from old musicals.

9. I am known in my household and among friends as the caretaker/collector of old, forgotten books who need a home and love. Yes, I am one of those who digs through every scattered box of dusty thrift store books in search of hidden treasures.

10. On my wall are framed pictures of Bing Crosby, Shirley Temple, and The Lone Ranger.

11. I enjoy reading tombstones in old, tree-enshrouded graveyards. Those people had stories once.

Now, I get to answer Madison's questions!

1. What are your favorite names?
Avonlea, Eden-Grace, Adam, Levi, and Rowan

2. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
 Ireland. Then Prince Edward Island.

3. Do you like to read, and what is your favorite book or genre?
Do I like to read? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Ahem. Yes, you could say that. Favorite genre is probably historical fiction. Favorite books are the Emily of New Moon trilogy by L. M. Montgomery.

4. What is your favorite movie?
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Runners-up are the 1949 Little Women and Disney's 1965 That Darn Cat (scrupulously referred to in our household as D.C.) ;) . . . For a heartbreaking, serious true story, A Man Called Peter is the best. And in a superior category of their own, Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea cannot be left out.

5. Country or city girl?
Oh my. Country. For sure.
6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
 More of an introvert

7. What is your favorite verse or quote?
Quote: "God's in His heaven; all's right with the world." (Robert Browning) 
Verse: Too many to choose, but I love John 1:16, "For of His fullness, we have all received, and grace upon grace." (NASB)

8. Early bird or night owl?
Night Owl. Without a doubt.

9. What was your first "job" or business endeavor?
My very first? "Secret Spy Services," my detective agency begun with two friends at age 8. We solved the case of the missing white-out bottle. Even had homemade business cards. Boy, were we good.

10. How tall are you?
Practically 5 feet. I try not to brag.

11. What was one thing you were terrified to do but did anyway?
Go away to college. A small Bible college two and a half hours from home. It was a grand adventure.

I  nominate Kristin at Sew Technicolor, Tarissa at In the Bookcase, Shannon Ashley at A Bright Light in a Dark World, Jessica at Soli Deo Gloria, Samantha at All Things Beautiful, Rachel at Real Girls, Real Faith, Rebecca Jane at Sewing in the Past, Shannon at Thoughts and Thimbles, and and Atlanta at The Story of a Seamstress

My questions for these ladies are:
1. What do you collect?
2. Who is your favorite literary hero? Heroine?
3. What is your favorite game?
4. Would you rather ride in a hot air balloon or skydive?
5. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
6. What movie do you watch the most often?
7. What would you like to build or create one day?
8. What one item do you most desire to have in your future home? 
9. Where is your favorite fictional place?
10. What was your favorite toy when you were little?
11. If you could meet one person from the past, who would it be?

Now, wasn't that fun? :)

~Miss Emily Elizabeth


Shannon said...

Thank you for nominating me... that was so sweet! <3 You have a beautiful heart that shines the love of Jesus, dear Emily.

Shannon Ashley

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the award, Emily!

Emily said...

Thank you so much, Shannon Ashley <3 You are an inspiration. What a Christ-honoring blog you have!
You're welcome, Samantha!

Madison Lyerla said...

Lovely! Thanks for doing that :) blessings!

Atlanta said...

Thank you so much for the award!! I am so sorry for being so late, I have hardly had time to blog the whole month of July.

I so appreciate it, but I haven't done award posts on my blog in several years, just because my blogging time is so limited now with marriage and a baby. Again, thank you so much though, and congratulations on your engagement! So happy for you two!

Emily said...

I completely understand, Atlanta! Thank you :) God bless! <3

Jessica said...

Oh wow. I am late. (Might have had a slight bit to do with planning my August wedding... ;) ) But this is a fun post, Emily! I will still try to go write up a post to answer the questions! :) mwahahaha ;D