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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


She dips her brush in color and swirls it freely across paper, wasting not an inch. That crisp, white page will be completely transformed. She is determined. 

I wonder . . . Do I determinedly fill all my white space? Is my life daily covered again and again in the vivid colors of God's spiritual gifts? Grace, compassion, humility, joy, peace in storm-season. Do these breathtakingly beautiful colors radiate from me every day? Or am I satisfied with empty, white spaces on my life's paper?

I wonder . . . Do I grip my brush and boldly dip it in the colors? Do I grip my Bible and tenderly, excitedly turn pages, dipping into this splendid spiritual color-palette? Do I embrace the "colors" I find there and allow God to guide my hand, brushing careful strokes across the paper?

Oh, how I desire color.

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