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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bookish Inclinations

You may be a bookworm if . . .

1. You read 16 books this summer.
2. You bought a total of 75 books from used bookstores, thrift stores, and used book websites this summer.
3. You loved each and every one you read so dearly you dedicated several blog posts to them.
4. The first thing you search for when entering someone's house is a bookcase, and you steal looks at the books it contains every chance you get without the owner's noticing you're not listening to his conversation with you.
5. If you forget to take a book with you on a car trip (even just to the grocery store), you live in constant terror you will find yourself stuck in a traffic jam or waiting in an office or waiting room WITHOUT A BOOK (Gulp).
6. Upon introducing yourself to a new acquaintance, you promptly ask if he or she likes to read. First things first, you know.
7. Your heart leaps with joy when you spot (oh, bliss!) someone else carrying or reading a book in public--but not just any book, mind you. None of this modern-day vampire, romance, clique-ish mess. A classic! Or really, any old book written pre-1960s. Those were the days.
8. You own a book light. Yes, a tiny, bright light that clips to book pages and is designed specifically for the purpose of reading in the dark. You won't be caught in a dark car or in bed without proper preparation!
9. Your prized possession is your library card, and your pride and joy is your collection of books.
10. You must purchase another bookcase every few months, and STILL you manage to trip over stacks of books every time you enter or exit your room.

Yep, just call me Story Girl. (No really, please do. I prefer it to Wormy.) ;)

~Miss Emily Elizabeth


Tarissa said...

I am right with you on bookish inclinations. I didn't obtain 75 books this summer myself (oh, what delightfulness if I could have!) -- just picked up a couple books here and there. My mom and I are going to some thrift stores this next week, so I'm obviously hoping to find some new reading material while we're shopping. :-)

Emily said...

My mom and I go to thrift stores all the time when we can, especially during the summer! It's so exciting :) Let me know if you find some good books!!