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Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Emergence from Winter Hibernation

Hello, dear Tansy Patch residents :) I have learned that the schedule of a freshman at a small Christian college can be demanding, and aforementioned freshman may also become lazy from time to time (but of course that is a rare occurence). However, with the arrival of spring, that blissful season of sunshine and shower and exteneded daylight, I have returned, like a little bear out of its winter hibernation. 
Someone left me one little comment today. One person's expressing that they missed my posts brightened my day and inspired me to create a new post. Thank you to the anonymous friend, whoever you may be, who posted that :)
This semester has flown by; only three weeks remain until summer. God has assured me again and again that I am right where He wants me to be for this season in life, and I have experienced a deep intimacy with Him that I did not know before. This little post is just to inform everyone that I am alive and well and will soon possess more free time to spend in my beloved Tansy Patch :) You may wish to know exactly what I have been up to recently! These are a few special things God has blessed me to be able to accomplish. What a gift of grace every day is :)

1. Interviewing a World War 2 veteran from church
2. Attending a challenging, uplifting missions conference at Camp Dixie
3. Growing closer to friends through study parties and the occasional movie night
4. Getting to know sweet, funny little ones in my Wednesday night Cubbies class
5. Attending classes and chapel and services, soaking in the truths of God's Word
6. Reading newly-discovered favorite books such as Holiness By Grace (with Tyler), the One Thousand Gifts 60-Day Devotional, and To Kill A Mockingbird (contains several uses of profanity; I marked them out as I read it, so I will not run into them in my next reading).
7. Watching several old, classic movies I've longed to see for ages (during spring break)
8. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with my family and best friend Tyler
9. Writing, writing, writing--for my own pleasure mainly, and occasionally for schoolwork :)
10. Playing frisbee and reading and walking and talking outside--any excuse to revel in springtime's splendor is acceptable
11. Turning 19
12. Learning new piano songs and methods and about how music works
13. Praying and pleading for our country
14. Taking a much-needed break from schoolwork and visiting the thrilling Raleigh Flea Market with my mom and sister (They drove all the way here to spend the day with me)
15. Working in the campus library

Have a blessed week, everyone, and please remember to pray for our country and to stand for the truth. God is still in control :) Dig for the facts and do not compromise. "Speak the truth, even when your voice shakes."

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