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Friday, August 19, 2011

Thoughts and Fancies

Is there a felicity in this world superior to quiet, country life? Superior to trying new recipes in the kitchen with the windows wide open and a soft breeze dancing through the house? Superior to tiptoeing across a creek in a fluffy white skirt after church on Sunday? Superior to sharing the first sweet taste of watermelon of the summer with family and watching the touching exploits of The Waltons? Superior to reading aloud Sleeping Beauty and The Four Elves to a precious, barefoot niece on the front porch? Superior to singing along with a Celtic CD while doing the laundry on a rainy day? Superior to spending time studying and reading in daily devotions, becoming utterly overwhelmed by the mercy and love of God?
I think not. God has been teaching me alot this summer...And though the carefree days of yet another summer have come swiftly to their end, I intend to carry these lessons with me into the fall and winter and new springtime and throughout every new stage of life. As you begin a new schoolyear with packed schedules and difficult deadlines and various activities, remember not to lose sight of the most important things...and people in life. Treasure the days and moments, be they good or bad, and most importantly, dwell in the Savior every morning, noon, and night. That is the secret to finding content and fulfillment in the best and worst of times.
My summer reading list still sits as hearty and plump as ever. I'm afraid I've only barely dented it, but is there anything so terribly wrong with continuing it past the summer? I have recently completed some exceptional books for which I intend to post reviews soon:) Two of them being The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien (I am convinced that Tolkien never fully grew up but carried all of his childish imaginings into adulthood. What a capital fellow he must have been!) and The Disciplined Life by Richard S. Taylor (an excellent challenge for the Christian life).
I love watching old movies and imagining living in long-past eras. Why, oh why, don't ladies still wear white gloves and long, elegant dresses? I have bemoaned the fact for years.

I have discovered several things this summer. One being, the only way to eat corn is on the cob, fresh from the garden, and salted and buttered to your heart's content. Another being, discussing theological and biblical issues with my dad late into the night is one of my favorite pastimes. You should try it sometime:) 

Yes, this post is lengthy and without rhyme or reason. I apologize. But I did have a splendid time writing it, so perhaps you enjoyed reading it...just a little? :)


vtyler98 said...

I enjoyed the post and even though it didn't rhyme I really liked the style of it and the pictures and everything else, it makes me imagine summer again and think about it. Looking forward to those book reviews!!

Jessica said...

Oh, we are in many ways kindred spirits. :) I know the reading list dilemma, lol. I am so bad about making lists and then never finishing what I start. :( Thankfully God doesn't do that with His over all sovereign design. He will bring it to completion beautifully!

emily elizabeth said...

Thank you, Tyler! I'm glad you liked it--even if it was random:)

Yes, we are, Jessica:) I'm so glad you're my cousin and friend! That's so true--He always finishes his "book lists" Lol:)