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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Only the Beginning

Jacksonville Christian Academy's graduation night is coming up--tomorrow! Of course, I still have one year remaining in high school, but I must bid farewell some very dear friends...Graduation is always an exciting but hard time. I have a special message for two best friends that will walk the stage tomorrow night and receive their hard-earned diplomas.
To Catherine...
What will I do without you? I doubt anyone else will understand my dreams of spending the night in a tent in a graveyard and marrying Michael Buble (How shocked we were when he got married--"You mean, he wasn't waiting for me?" Lol). We've had some great times "jamming out" to Taylor Swift, crying over bad days and disappointments, sharing enough laughter to fill a lifetime, talking about everything under the sun while fixing our hair in the bathroom at school in the morning, watching and crying over love stories, sneaking out late in a rainstorm to turn off the car headlights, losing the room keys on the missions trip, and daydreaming about the future. And to think, it all started with a jalepeno pepper! You're my "best fry."
To Hannah...
Who will reenact the Eragon sword fight with me next year? Who will eat fried rice, and cry over sweet wedding songs, and rave over Mr. Thornton with me? Thank you for the laughter, tears, long talks, coloring fests, and movie nights! And we never would have known what great friends we would be if we hadn't found out that we both didn't have a TV:) Lol Your dog really does sound like a man snoring--so you can't blame me for getting scared! Always remember, "As you wish."
I love you, girls! Thank you for being friends I can depend on. And, of course...Congratulations! Remember that though this is the close of one chapter in your lives, it's only the beginning of a new adventure!

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