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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

God's Whistle

There is a little frame in our living room that bears these words:
"Take time for the quiet moments as God whispers and the world is loud."

This quotation may seem like such a simple motto, but it is a powerful message. How often do we "take time for the quiet moments"? When do we hear God's whispers? Do we listen for His voice amid the busyness of our daily lives?

In the Emily of New Moon trilogy by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the young heroine, Emily, has a special friend, Teddy Kent. Whenever Teddy has something important to tell Emily or wants to see her, he gives their special signal whistle. Emily hears his whistle and always runs to meet him in their meeting-place, called Lofty John's Bush.
After reading the books, I thought about how special and sacred Emily and Teddy's relationship was, and I compared it to my own relationship with God. Every time I skip my daily devotions or forget to talk to Him throughout my day, I am putting other things ahead of Him. It is as if He signals to me for our special time together each day. And each day, I must choose...Will I run to meet Him and spend time furthering our sacred relationship? Or will I ignore His calling and spend that time doing less important things while He longingly waits for me to come?

We are so very blessed to have a Heavenly Father Who created the entire universe and all it contains and Who is all-powerful and all-knowing, yet Who is aware of every detail about our lives and Who knows us better than we know ourselves. It is an amazing privilege to be able to spend time with Him each day. What will we do with this extraordinary gift?

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