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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Peter Marshall: a True Hero

When I began reading Catherine Marshall's book A Man Called Peter earlier this year, I was not prepared for the emotional and spiritual journey on which it would lead me. It is the true story of Catherine's beloved husband, Peter Marshall, a young Scottish immigrant who became chaplain of the U.S. Senate. Within the pages of this book, I came to know and love this devout man of God, his wife, and later, their little boy Peter John, whom his father called his "wee laddie."

Peter Marshall died of a heart attack when he was only 46, but his amazing story has been passed down from generation to generation. Peter and Catherine Marshall's inspiring testimony has impacted countless lives throughout the years. They determined to be completely devoted to Christ; as a result, He blessed them and used them greatly. Dr. Marshall's story is an amazing example of how God can transform a common man into a strong, Christ-like leader. It illustrates what God can accomplish, not only in Peter Marshall, but in all men and women who truly desire His will in their lives.

The 1955 movie adaptation of A Man Called Peter is a wonderful, but heartwrenching film. In my opinion, every one should read the book and see the movie; both left me sobbing for hours (literally). When I read this book, it truly drew me closer to God, and that is a wonderful thing.
Peter was a nearly-perfect example of a strong and hard-working, but tender and humble man who loved his family and his Lord with his whole heart. 

For Christmas last year, I gave copies of the book A Man Called Peter to my dad and to both of my sisters...I wanted to share the incredible story I had discovered. I hope and pray that when I grow up, I will be so worthy and blessed as to marry a man so devoted to God as Peter Marshall. He was wholly devoted to the work and will of his Lord. This is, in my opinion, why Dr. Marshall is a true hero.
(Another excellent book by Catherine Marshall is Christy, the true story of her mother, a schoolteacher in Cutter Gap, North Carolina, in the early 1900s.)

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